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One-stop HR Solutions

Mars Consulting Team has experience in various regions and currently has more than 100 consultants. The companies branches are located in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Mainland China, Hongkong and Macau, and so on. Our business has covered seven countries in Asia as well as USA and some parts of the Middle East countries. With our footsteps and delivery capabilities, We are committed to solve a series of HR-related issues for our clients who wants expend to overseas. we help to do pre-investigations for these enterprises in the intended countries or cities before they set up their brunch or subsidiary. From setting up the company, to team building, and entire HR process outsourcing, or flexible employment due to the short and urgent projects, our services will solve all the potential problems and achieve the effectiveness and efficiency for Clients’ HR team by designing a suitable solution for the client. Our services are as followings:

  • recruiting and building teams from beginning

  • overseas company registration and establishment

  • HR outsourcing

  • senior foreign professional contract management and payroll parking

  • outsourcing of freelance staff

  • Project-based flexible employment

  • Manage the labor contract

  • Management of on-boarding/resign process

  • Payroll and tax management

  • Social security and CPF payment

  • Handle occupational injuries and other work incidents

Contracting Placement and Management

The Benefits of Contracting Placement and Management

  • Reduce HR team’s pressure in the management

  • Resolve limit on staffing issues

  • Meet the employment needs of the companies

  • Improve HR communication efficiency

Outsourcing of free-lance staff

  • Sign the labor contract

  • Management of Contracting Placement process

  • Management employees’ records and documents

  • Assist employee in handling legal documents and applications

  • Payroll, personal taxation, tax management and tax benefits

  • Local and national social security and CPF management

The Benefits of free-lance staff

  • Directly arrange employees to on-board legally and promptly

  • Connect with overseas HR directly to solve problems

  • Global integrated staff management, standardized all the documents in the used for clients

  • Localized management, high compliance to operation to prevent further problems

Project-based flexible employment

  • Project-based employment needs

  • Urgent employment needs

  • Flexible hiring quota

  • Full risk outsourcing

  • Full Service outsourcing

  • Integrated employee relationship

The Benefits of free-lance staff

  • Flexible employment, Mars Consulting provide suitable Human and Material resources directly to help client achieve the business goals. Sign labour contracts with the third-party service agencies like us to improve efficiency of employment

  • Meet urgent and customized employment needs

  • Change on-site consultant/professional immediately if there is any problem

  • Employment full risk outsourcing (dismissal negotiations, economic compensation)

  • Saving labour cost (training cost, management costs etc)

  • Not occupy formal corporate employment quota

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