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Payroll Management Services

Payroll Outsourcing/Contract Management

Mars Consulting hires a number of senior consultants, combined with local payroll and tax knowledge, abide by the national labor laws and regulations, provide people-oriented payroll outsourcing solution for different industries and different sizes of customers.

Our company tailor-made a special system platform for customers,  and determine the compensation and benefits optimization solution according to the business conditions, business strategy and business characteristics so as to provide customers with timely, accurate and humane efficient cross-border compensation and data integration services.


Our Payroll Management Services include: salary information collection, calculation, review and production of comprehensive customized remuneration report and submit salary reports for customers to confirm; according to international and local government regulations, help to file personal income tax, social security Provident fund, and provide organizational tax beneficial advise. Payroll is processed by electronic payment systems to the client's bank accounts, generating written or electronic payslip for the employee, while managing multiple payroll sets and payroll cycles. the Company established a work secrecy mechanism and focused on protecting the confidentiality and safety of its clients' remuneration.


The service includes:

  •   Payroll calculation

  •   CPF payment/ Social Security Insurance by law

  •   Tax benefits, payment filing and process

  •   Special working hours application

  •   Foreign workers work permit application

  •   Residential prof Statement if applicable in certain countries

  •   Commercial insurance/medical checkup

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